A Century of Unfurling Stories and Pride

Welcome to Flag Sale, where flags, banners, pennants, and signs come to life with a history spanning a remarkable century! Since 1919, our skilled hands have woven tales of identity, loyalty, and passion through vibrant fabrics. From World War I to the digital era, our commitment to quality and creativity remains unwavering.

Old Flag Factory

A Journey Through Time: Our Evolution

Old Flag Factory

The Foundation During Turbulence

In the midst of World War I’s chaos, Flag Sale emerged as a beacon of unity and hope. Established in 1919, our mission was clear: to craft symbols that encapsulated the spirit of the times. Flags weren’t just pieces of cloth; they were courage, solace, and solidarity.

The 1950s: Weaving Dreams into Reality

The 1950s marked a turning point as we introduced an integrated manufacturing plant. Within those walls, threads of wool and cotton danced to life, transforming into banners that spoke volumes. With in-house facilities for weaving, dyeing, printing, and finishing, our flags became vibrant canvases of expression.

The 1980s: Embracing Innovation

As the world evolved, so did our techniques. In the vibrant 1980s, synthetic polyester fibers took center stage. Automation became our ally, streamlining dyeing, printing, and finishing processes. With this leap, we achieved unparalleled efficiency without compromising on the heart and soul stitched into every piece.

1993: The Digital Revolution

The 1990s heralded the digital age, and we weren’t ones to be left behind. In 1993, we embraced digital printing, revolutionizing the industry. Our footprint expanded, and we ventured into uncharted territories of color and precision. But that wasn’t all; our role in shaping dye-sublimation inks was pivotal, as we collaborated with ink manufacturers, driving innovation forward.

Flag Factory

From Fabric to Identity: The Artistry of Flags

At Flag Sale, we understand that flags aren’t mere pieces of cloth; they’re embodiments of identity and pride. They’re the fluttering expressions of who you are, what you represent, and the values you hold dear.

Craftsmanship at Its Peak: Our Specialties

Digitally-Printed Splendor

Fast forward to today, where our mastery shines through custom digitally-printed flags and banners. Through a direct-to-textile printing process, ink melds with fabric, resulting in stunning visuals. The brilliance of full-color images nearly penetrates the reverse side, ensuring your message is as vibrant from any angle.

Appliqued Elegance

But that’s not all. Our appliqued (sewn) flags and banners are a testament to the timeless art of craftsmanship. Each stitch is a brushstroke, adding depth and texture to your emblem. This technique harks back to tradition, connecting the past and present in threads of continuity.

Textile Printing
Textile Printing

Weathering the Elements: Endurance Redefined

Whether dancing in the wind or standing tall against the elements, our flags are designed for longevity. Our digitally-printed flags, whether indoor or outdoor, are inked with UV-resistant hues, ensuring they remain as bold as the day they were unfurled. Rain or shine, your pride will always shine through.

Unveiling the Process: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered how a simple piece of cloth transforms into a canvas of emotions? Here’s a sneak peek into our intricate process:

  1. Design: It all begins with a concept. Our skilled designers translate your vision into digital artwork, breathing life into your ideas.

  2. Digitally-Printed Magic: For our digitally-printed flags, cutting-edge technology takes the reins. The direct-to-textile process ensures every hue is vivid and every detail is sharp.

  3. Applique Artistry: Appliqued flags are born in our skilled seamstresses’ hands. Precision and passion entwine as fabric is cut, layered, and sewn, creating a tactile masterpiece.

  4. Endurance Engineering: Our commitment to endurance takes center stage. UV-resistant inks for outdoor flags and meticulous stitching for indoor banners ensure they withstand time and the elements.


It depends on your vision. Digitally-printed flags offer vibrant, detailed visuals, while appliqued flags showcase a tactile, handcrafted aesthetic.

Absolutely! Our digitally-printed flags feature UV-resistant inks, ensuring they stay brilliant even under the sun’s gaze.

Without a doubt! We pride ourselves on turning your unique concepts into reality. From size to design, customization is our specialty.

A Century Unfolded, a Legacy Carved

In a world where time often erases the past, at Flag Sale, we’ve embraced history as our foundation. For a century, we’ve woven stories into fabric, crafting symbols of unity, pride, and belonging. From World War I’s trenches to the digital age’s seamless precision, our journey mirrors the evolution of identity itself.

So, welcome to Flag Sale, where every thread tells a tale, every hue reflects an emotion, and every flutter is a salute to the human spirit.