Earth Flag 2004

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Earth Flag 2004
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Should I choose 1 ply or 3 ply flag option?


  • 1 ply flags are ideal for outdoor use.
  • Light enough to fly in light breeze.
  • Durable enough to fly under strong winds.
  • Will last longer outdoors compared to 3 ply flags.
  • Back side will look mirror imaged, text will appear backwards.


  • Text will read correct on both sides are primarily made for indoors.
  • Made by sewing 2 flags back to back with a light blocking material in between to prevent shadowing through.
  • Very heavy and will deteriorate faster due to extra weight.
  • Will need much stronger winds to fly properly.
  • Good for short term outdoor use like parades made from satin glossy fabric.
  • Can also be made as 1 ply flag for wall display with blank back side.